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Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate

Agios Tychonas and Germasogeia are two of the most exclusive locations in Cyprus and their exclusivity is due in part to the large number of luxury properties in the area. These small towns are located on the Limassol coast. It is a place where almost all the beaches have managed to attain the elusive ‘Blue Flag’, a designation reserved for beaches that offer only the purest water and sand. Many other luxury properties can be also found along the Paphos coastline, especially in places like Polis, Peyia, or Aphrodite Hills. The only sure thing is that if you are looking for luxury real estate, you are not going to run out of options! Below are some luxury locations recommended by Scala

Cheap Real Estate

Cheap Real Estate

Finding a cheap piece of real estate on the island is not an easy task because a low budget property is not always the best choice. However, people who are in search of a cheap Cypriot home are likely to have better luck if they aim their search toward distant villages and suburban areas. Some of the cheapest properties can generally be found in and around Larnaca and Famagusta. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to find a cheap property in Nicosia or Limassol. There are always these few but golden opportunities in Cyprus for cheap homes. This is our duty to highlight them through our real estate portal. Some cheap locations recommended by Scala are listed below

Vacation properties

Vacation properties

The number of people looking to book cheap or luxury homes in Cyprus instead of hotel rooms continues to grow. This kind of alternative accommodation offers better value for money as travellers can share a property if they so wish. Vacation rentals are usually equipped with all the facilities one might need to have a great vacation. At the same time, they are also providing a much more relaxed and comfortable experience than what a vacationer might experience at a hotel. Vacation rentals, in contrast to the hotels, usually offer privacy which is often the demand. Prices vary depending on the length of the stay and the amenities available. Find below some hot short term locations recommended by Scala

Properties from professionals

Real estate agents

Real estate agents

Finding a real estate agent in Cyprus is incredibly easy thanks to the fact that there is simply a very large number of agencies. Keep in mind that, according to the law and regulations, to be able to practice, any agent must be licensed and fully registered on the island. Almost all the leading real estate agents in this country have offices in all major cities and they also have close ties to many of the top developers. Most of these dominant companies have been active in the real estate field for over three decades. They have been established in the public consciousness due to their professionalism as well as due to the high level of services they offer. Find below some of the most reputable agents recommended by Scala

Real estate developers

Real estate developers

The real estate industry in Cyprus plays a key role in the economy and it has always been a brilliant choice for investors. As a consequence, in recent years, thanks to some leading property developers, the real estate sector has seen spectacular growth and will likely continue to grow in a similar way for years to come. The top six tallest residential buildings in Cyprus were completed between 2020 and 2021 and there are plans to continue this trend for years to come. Most of these property development companies have global presence with offices around the World. That makes fully understood the extent of their professionalism and ambition. Find below some of the most reputable developers recommended by Scala

Why Scala for Cyprus Property market

Cyprus is a small paradise and one of the most loved countries for foreigners seeking property in the sun thanks to its pleasant climate. Its hot summers and mild wet winters draw visitors and settlers from far and wide and this has been the case for centuries. This beautiful Mediterranean island with endless blue skies and the most ''Blue Flag'' beaches per coastline in the world also attracts a lot of millionaire entrepreneurs due to its harmonized EU legislation and a favorable tax regime. The strategic positioning of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa makes an already perfect place even more ideal for anyone looking for a new home or a place to do business.

Beyond the Sun and the Sea

Focusing only on the beautiful beaches and the year-round presence of the sun on the island is important but it is not enough. It would be our omission and it would be unfair for Cyprus not to mention that when compared to the UK or other big countries, life in Cyprus moves at a glacial pace. Prepare to be immersed in a pleasantly tranquil Mediterranean lifestyle if you're tired of everything hurtling along at 100 miles per hour back home. It may take some time to adjust to this laissez-faire mindset, but you'll soon find yourself becoming more zen. If for any reason you enjoy the rush lifestyle, you will find it hard in Cyprus!

People in Cyprus

Cypriot people by general confession are very friendly and hospitable with foreigners. Cypriots make travelers and foreign residents feel like home when they arrive or live in Cyprus. The native language here is Greek but English is widespread on the island. It is noteworthy that almost all the Cypriots speak English and in fact at a very high level. It is impossible not to find a person who speaks English in restaurants, shops, and hotels. Another point of reference about Cypriots is that in recent years there isa tendency to learn another languages besides English. Russian and Chinese language seem to have the lead in the preferences of the Cypriots. This shows very clearly the educational level of Cypriots that is particularly high. It also shows the ambition of the island as a whole, but also its inhabitants for the years that come.

A hotspot for celebrities

Many celebrities have decided to purchase super-luxury homes in Cyprus, often along the island’s beautiful coastline. The Brazilian Neymar is the proud owner of an opulent seaside apartment in The Icon, an amazing high-rise building developed by Imperio Properties in Germasogeia. Shakira has a super luxury villa In Peyia, a hidden gem, offering peace and tranquility along with luxury rarely found elsewhere. In the same place lives also John Terry, former captain of Chelsea and the England national team. Let's not forget about the English singer and television personality Peter Andre, who is the most famous homeowner in Kiti village. When famous and rich people buy property in one country it means a lot. It actually means that this place is absolutely safe and at the same time means that this country has the prestige these people always looking for.

Thank you!

First of all, thank you for reading so far. We really appreciate that. Since you get this far, this probably means that you already know that Cyprus is what you are looking for but you may not yet be entirely sure which platform to use that will cover your needs. You may think: “OK, but why would I choose you? Why are you better than your competition?". And that's a great question to start with. Having doubts about our platform is normal since you don't know us personally. But please let us explain below why Scala is the only platform that will cover your needs. And it will do it Easily, Quickly, Safely, Smarter and of course for Free!

Dedicated solely to Cyprus market

Scala is an online real estate platform for buying, renting, and selling properties in Cyprus and our job is to ensure that every real estate-related matter is handled seamlessly and professionally. Unlike other property portals, Scala is 100% born in Cyprus and is dedicated solely to property listings in the island. People who visit our website do so in order to find listings in Cyprus specifically, not those in other countries. If you're looking for other real estate platforms that show properties in Cyprus, it's certain you will find. No Doubt about that. But our portal is dedicated exclusively to the Cyprus market and this is crucial.

All-in-one Property portal

On Scala, you will find exactly what you need, since what you want concerns Cyprus. Here you will find options for each budget and for every taste. You will find very expensive houses and apartments but also cheaper property. You will find short-term vacation rentals but you will also find properties to make it your permanent home or to use it as an investment. On Scala, there is a variety of options that is enough to satisfy people of all requirements.

Absolutely in accordance with the law

Scala follows the guidance of the Cyprus Association of Real Estate Entrepreneurs (CREAA) and, in accordance with the real estate laws and regulations in this country, only licensed real estate agents in Cyprus, registered property developers in Cyprus, and property owners and legal representatives of property owners in Cyprus are allowed to list properties on our website.

Smarter online presence

When someone is looking for a firm to work with, the first place they will go is the internet. They won't find you if your firm doesn't appear in Google search results and they haven't heard about you through offline sources. Obviously, they can't choose you if they can't find you. Our platform day by day expands its online presence not only through our website but also with our presence on social media.

Easy website navigation

Nowadays the web presence alone is not enough. If the user of the page finds it difficult to navigate within it, then the web presence ends up being meaningless. And that's exactly the reason that we decided to make our website easy as possible to use. You don't need to be tech-savvy to navigate through. Simplicity is key!

No charge & no hidden cost

It is completely cost-free to use. Using our platform is absolutely free of charge and no subscription is required. There is not any hidden cost that you have to worry about.


We don't serve other interests. We are completely independent and unbound. We are fully committed to meeting your needs and we will continue to do so in the future.

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