St. Chara Developers

St. Chara Developers

St. Chara Developers is a premier property developer in Cyprus with a strategic focus on luxury real estate market. The company has over 35 years of comprehensive experience in construction and real estate and a broad portfolio of high-end and urban properties.

St. Chara's vision is to be a world-class business, acknowledged for its integrity and defined by the quality of the places they create. They aim to generate long-term value and have a positive impact on society by creating design-led residential properties of the highest quality for the modern lifestyle.

St. Chara's main focus is to develop projects in prime locations or underused lands. They strive for forward-thinking developments that are welcoming and sustainable at nature-rich sites where communities can thrive. Their properties in Cyprus stand out for their intelligent use of design, cutting-edge technology, sustainable materials and luxurious finishes, seamlessly blended to create comfortable and relaxed environments. The company sells freehold property and offers 2-year building guarantees and separate title deeds.

Founded in 1986, St. Chara Developers is a family-owned brand that places its customers' happiness at the heart of everything they do. Their design process uses creativity and comfort as their compass.

St. Chara Developers has been awarded the internationally recognized Certificate ISO9001 and is proud to be a first quality developer in Nicosia.

St. Chara Developers's portfolio includes

St. Chara Developers
Founded 1986
Founder(s) Yiannis Stefanou
Employees 1 - 50
Key people Yiannis Stefanou, Ioanna Stefanou, Athos Stefanou, Chara Stefanou
Projects 100+
Flagship projects Emerald Residence Strovolos, Imperial Jade Protaras, Venus Residence Aglantzia, White Pearl Residence Strovolos
Main office Chara Center, Pericleous Str, Strovolos, 2027
Phone +357 22 496 967