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Reasons to buy a property in Aglantzia

Aglantzia is a suburb of Nicosia whose proximity to the capital makes it an excellent place to buy property. Aglantzia offers its residents access to a very large number of green spaces. The suburb has all the advantages associated with being located close to the capital but none of the disadvantages associated with being right in the middle of everything. It is peaceful and far from the hustle and bustle of the capital but still close enough that should a resident feel the need to immerse themselves in the all the noise and chaos of the capital, they can. There are countless properties for sale in Aglantzia consisting mostly of traditional brick houses with narrow streets but, like everywhere else across the island, new properties are constantly going up, including a fair number of both cheap and luxury buildings.

Cheap and luxury properties for sale in Aglantzia

Aglantzia, a suburb known for being one of the highest in the region as well as being one of the greenest, has a large number of cheap and luxury properties for sale. Since the suburb’s properties are located a bit further out from the centre of the city, the cost of property in these parts of the suburb is much lower than elsewhere in the city. There are many cheap properties for sale in Aglantzia thanks to the suburb’s location and buyers can choose from a wide range of traditional style buildings all at very low prices. There are also quite a few luxury options for buyers looking to live comfortably in a suburb far from the centre of the island’s capital including mostly expensive properties with gorgeous views of the greenery Aglantzia is well known for.

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