Property for sale in Strovolos

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Reasons to buy a property in Strovolos

Strovolos is the second largest populated municipality of Cyprus whose proximity to the capital makes it an excellent place to buy property. The city is very close to the centre of the island meaning buying property in Strovolos puts the owner in a uniquely advantageous position if they wish to take advantage of all the amenities the city has to offer. There are currently a lot of luxury properties for sale in Strovolos along with more affordable options meaning there is something for every budget in the area. The municipality has no shortage of developers and so new luxury properties are constantly being built in Strovolos including both affordable real estate and luxurious properties priced in the millions. 

Cheap and luxury properties for sale in Strovolos

Cheap and Luxury properties are both available for sale in abundance in Strovolos. The area has a lot to offer in terms of variety of property. Strovolos is home to a large number of high end properties including places like Artemis Residence and Apollo Heights, both developed by Cyfield, which are considered prime examples of what it means to live luxuriously. In Strovolos, property buyers can also find affordable pieces of real estate with relative ease. It is possible to become the proud owner of property in Strovolos for as a little as a hundred thousand euros or even less. Whether the buyer wants to live in one of Strovolos’ most luxurious residential buildings or simply wants a place near all the most important amenities that isn’t too far out of budget, they can always find something in the area.

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