Pafilia Property Developers

Pafilia Property Developers

Pafilia Property Developers is a leading luxury real estate developer in Cyprus that has established a reputation for quality and excellence. In four decades, the company has transformed the real estate landscape on the island and today offers a wide range of luxury properties for sale in Cyprus.

Pafilia is the largest privately-owned residential Cyprus developer, dedicated to creating world-class properties for residence and investment. As the largest private developer in Cyprus, Pafilia Developers offers a total solution for both immigration and lifestyle, with a comprehensive array of pre and post-sale services.

Thanks to their extensive experience, exceptional personal service, and proven track record, the company has earned over 39 international awards. Their vast and varied real estate portfolio includes Cyprus' two most ground-breaking developments: ONE and Minthis. Founded in 1977 and managed by owners Elias Eliades and his family, the Pafilia brand is now synonymous with quality design.

Pafilia's complete developments range from modern houses, Mediterranean villas, and flats to integrated leisure resorts, towers, coastal properties, private estates, and unusual communities, with a variety of locations and designs. The company continues to transform and set the standard for Cyprus real estate by putting forth Unstoppable effort in delivering the finest in concept, design, quality, and service. Pafilia Developers is the leading provider of citizenship and residence programs in Cyprus. Hundreds of high-net-worth people and their advisors rely on the firm's expertise and experience in this industry every year.

Company's Values & Customer Approach

Pafilia's dynamic team, family values, and customer-centric approach are key attributes to the company's success. Integrity, commitment to excellence, market knowledge, and a wealth of experience has earned Pafilia its place at the forefront of the real estate industry.

"At Pafilia, we endeavor to provide all our employees with optimal working conditions, ongoing support, and focused direction on a personal basis. We seek talent, experience, and drive, with an aim to deliver positive results, opportunities, and benefits to both parties so that we may grow together" said Elias Eliades - Managing Director of Pafilia Developers.

An unwavering client focus and collaborative culture, supported by first-class infrastructure, ensure that Pafilia Developers maintains the market leader position year after year. They pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of real estate development, championing new approaches and fresh ways of thinking. Pafilia has embraced the right culture, people, values, and skills to perfect the customer experience in a way that is extraordinary, relevant, and lasting.

Pafilia Developers offers unrivalled support to clients whatever their needs may be. Their experienced professionals are always on-hand to manage client requests with confidence and care. Meanwhile, their transparent and professional approach, combined with their highly secure process, assures total peace of mind.

ONE Limassol, the Pride of Cyprus

ONE Limassol by Pafilia Developers is considered to be by far the most ambitious project in Cyprus. At 170 meters, it is the tallest building on the island and Europe's tallest seafront residential tower. That means 37 stories of some of the most opulent apartments on the global real estate map.

While seamlessly merging with the Limassol landscape, the ONE tower boasts world-class amenities and services that rival properties in Dubai, London, Sydney, and New York. If there is one residence redefining luxury living in the Mediterranean, then this is the "ONE". Home to the most expensive apartments on the island, the site is setting new international standards in prime seafront development. The tower features 83 luxurious apartments, each selling for nearly €11 million.

“I think it is fair to say that ONE has had a transformative impact on the Limassol coastline, an area that is going to undergo a lot of development over the next decade. I’m always excited to talk about ONE, it’s something we are very proud of” (Evangelia Eliadou – Executive Director of Pafilia Developers)

Other two iconic projects for Pafilia Developers

Minthis has been recognized for the fourth consecutive year as the ‘Best Leisure Development in Cyprus’. In 2018, in addition to winning the Cyprus category, Minthis achieved the highest recognition with the ‘Best Leisure Development in Europe’ and ‘Best Property (Single unit)’ awards. The consistent recognition of Minthis at an international level highlights Pafilia’s unique and pioneering approach to delivering quality, cutting-edge architecture and lifestyle facilities that meet the needs of discerning international buyers.

NEO, an urban residential resort set on the Limassol shoreline, is comprised of four residential towers and six-star resort-style facilities. This gem was also recognized in the award category 'Residential high-rise development Cyprus 2019-2020'. This will be one of the largest residential developments on the island.

Pafilia currently boasts over 40 international awards in recognition of its commitment to excellence in planning, innovation, design, service, and management.

A famous founder for Pafilia Developers

Pafilia's founder, Elias Eliades, was born on October 24, 1947, in Paphos. At 24, he obtained his Bachelor of Law from Athens University.

Mr. Eliades started his professional career as a lawyer but later became a politician. He served as both the Minister of Defence (1985—1988) and Deputy Minister of the Interior for Cyprus (1982—1985). He was also a member of the Board of directors for the Land Development Organization and Chairman of Paphos Greek Cooperative Savings Bank (1973—1985).

Mr. Eliades' daughter, Evangelia Eliadou, proudly joined Pafilia Developers in 2001. Her vision and dedication have been instrumental in helping the company evolve into the world-class developer that it is today. As Executive Director, Evangelia leads Pafilia's sales and marketing endeavors. In addition, she is a key member of the Governing Council, helping to drive the development of the company's strategic objectives and global growth. In 2018, she was awarded Manager of the Year at the In Business Awards.

Evangelia Eliadou is a qualified lawyer. Her international outlook comes from studying Commercial and Corporate Law at London's prestigious Kings College University, as well as completing the bar examination at The College of Law for England and Wales.


A company in the range that Pafilia has, it is reasonable and expected to already have in its possession a pile of awards of all kinds.
The list below is only some of the awards that the company has received, as it is almost impossible to list them all.
1) 2021 --> International Property Awards (Minthis) - Best Leisure Development in Europe
2) 2019 --> European Property Awards (ONE) - Best Residential High-Rise Development Cyprus / International Property Awards (Minthis) - Best Leisure Development Europe
3) 2018 --> European Property Awards (Minthis) - Best Leisure Development Cyprus / European Property Awards (ONE) - Best Residential High-Rise Development Cyprus
4) 2017 --> Five Star European Property Awards (Minthis) - Best Leisure Development in Cyprus / Five Star European Property Awards (Minthis) - Best Property Single Unit Cyprus
5) 2016 --> European Property Awards (ONE) - Highly Commended Award for Residential High Rise Development Cyprus / Homes Overseas Russian Awards (ONE) - Grand Prix as the best project among all nominees / European Property Awards (Minthis Hills) - Highly Commended Award for Best Leisure Development Cyprus.
6) 2015 --> European Property Awards (ONE) - Highly Commended Award for Residential High Rise Development Cyprus / European Property Awards (Minthis Hills) - Highly Commended Award for Best Leisure Development Cyprus / Homes Overseas Russian Awards (ONE) - Gold Award for Best High Rising Project in Europe
7) 2013 --> European Property Awards (in association with Virgin Atlantic) (Minthis Hills) - Highly Commended Award for Architecture (Callisto Villa)

Global Presence - Representatives - Business Partners

Pafilia maintains offices in Cyprus, China, South East Asia, and Russia, and representatives across the globe. This is something that shows both the extroverted character of the company and of course its ambitions for the future. Pafilia also collaborates with some of the most respected international design and construction firms in the world to realize its visionary projects.

Pafilia is the first company in Cyprus to collaborate with the world’s leading design and engineering firms. The company works with acclaimed international architects, engineers, and interior designers to create prime, iconic, and timeless properties. Pafilia's partners are carefully selected for each project based on the company's shared values and vision. As Pafilia believes that "With our commitment to innovation and their expertise, together we create ground-breaking and award-winning developments that appeal to a global audience".

Some illustrative examples of the company's Notorious Partners are:

1) Woods Bagot: a team of design experts working across 15 studios in Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.
They prioritize the human experience throughout the design process in order to create interesting, forward-thinking solutions that adapt to how people utilize space.
2) Atkins: one of the world's largest architectural consultants, with an enviable portfolio of notable public, private, urban, and nature projects, including Dubai's Burj Al Arab. Atkins' approach is a mix of inventiveness, practicality, and holisticism, but, like ONE, there is no single ingredient that characterizes their product. Every solution is a one-of-a-kind reaction to a clear vision.
3) WATG: The carefully conceived master plan of Minthis was developed by the international architecture firm WATG, which has been a leader in strategic luxury planning and design for over 70 years.
4) HBA: The company has been capturing and artistically interpreting the essence of discerning individuals' aspirations and desires since 1965. HBA's portfolio now includes some of the world's most magnificent and intriguing hotels, residences, and spas. The interior design team is in charge of ONE's exceptional style, with a particular commitment to provide residents with a beautiful and thoughtfully organized area that combines the finest of home and hotel.
5) WKK: Tom Wright, Hakim Khennouchi and Geku Kuruvilla George established WKK in London after working together at Atkins for many years. They're united by a love of meaningful design and the notion that as a creative, one must always experiment, learn, and evolve. With impeccable design precision and meticulous requirements, WKK has advanced Atkins' notion. ONE is the truest representation of luxury, thanks to their oversight of the entire process.
6) Mackenzie & Ebert: Donald Steel built the world-class championship golf course at Minthis, which was later improved by his protégé Mackenzie & Ebert. They are renowned British course architects who believe in designing long-lasting courses that blend well with the natural environment.

Pafilia's portfolio includes

Pafilia Property Developers
Founded 1977
Founder(s) Elias Eliades
Employees 500+
Key people Elias Eliades, Evangelia Eliadou, Aristos Eliades, Demetris Ashiotis, Michalis Frangou, Simos Simillides, Valentina Pappou, Kikis Theodotou, Alexis Charalambides, Neofytos Constantinou, Stelios Vrachimis, Michalis Fanis, Nikoletta Philippou
Projects 250+
Flagship projects One Limassol, Neo Limassol, Minthis Paphos, Domus Paphos, Amaya Residences Paphos, Elysia Park Paphos, Amathos Residences Germasogeia, Vista Townhouses Limassol, Aurai Residences Germasogeia
Main office 33 Nicodemou Mylona, Paphos, 8101
Phone +357 26 848 800