Property for sale in Konia

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Reasons to buy a property in Konia

Konia is a small, traditional village that offers some of the most beautiful views in all of Cyprus. The village is located only a few minutes’ drive from one of the islands’ major towns and said town is visible from almost anywhere in Konia. The village, once as quiet as any other small village on the island, is beginning to experience change with new and grand real estate projects popping up all over the place. The village’s close proximity to a popular tourist centre is believed to be one of the major reasons why Konia is developing so quickly and why it may be a modern tourist destination as opposed to a quiet village in the future. Buying property in Konia means buying into the village’s potential future as part of a large sprawling urban area. The village’s beauty and its rapid growth make it an excellent choice for property buyers in Cyprus that are interested in either investing in the future or in getting their hands on a piece of property in what is soon to become a popular tourist destination before other potential buyers get wind of it.

Cheap and luxury properties for sale in Konia

Konia real estate appears to be a lot more affordable than in other areas in Cyprus. Prices range from just over a hundred thousand euros to just under a million. Luxury properties in the village are just as lavish as anywhere else but prices are still quite low. As Konia develops and grow, it will likely either merge with the larger city a few kilometres away or simply become a world class tourist town in its own right and property prices are likely to go up when this happens. As it stands, Konia is one of the most affordable places to purchase real estate in Cyprus and buyers are encouraged to take advantage of this before prices of real estate in Konia shoot up.

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