First Class Homes

First Class Homes

First Class Homes is a leading, licensed real estate agency in Cyprus. The company offers advice in relation to short and long-term investments in Cyprus properties. Combining their extensive knowledge of the Cyprus real estate market with the plethora of residential and commercial properties for sale or rent, listed in their portfolio, they are confident that they can meet every client's needs and expectations.

With more than 20year's experience, First Class Homes has been established as a reliable and secure company and continues to grow day by day. First Class Homes, is also one of the leading development companies where tremendous success has been achieved through the highest professionalism, correct investments, and company management.

Their advice on short and long-term investment in Cyprus has been sought by some of the worlds leading wealth memberships and some of the worlds leading financial publications! Particularly in relation to long-term investment in Cypriot real estate.

As the company points out, the profits on their investment portfolios are second to none in the European market. They have a track record of dealing with some of the largest investors in Europe recently, providing them with exceedingly healthy returns.

First Class Homes, underlines that they are also the only property agent in Cyprus to access all of the finest developments. Many top developers are selective about who markets their properties. By having access to all of the best developments the company had to work very hard to identify and sell them.

First Class Homes is absolutely determined to be the very best at what it does. It takes a far more selective approach to selling property in Cyprus than any other agent. The company also has the very best agents in Cyprus working for First Class Homes exclusively.

First Class Homes is a leader in the real estate industry on the island as they offer a full range of services in the field. These include:
· Development
· Project Design
· Investment
· Property Consulting Services
· Project/Property Management

The firm is all about giving its clients a great experience while keeping high professionalism and giving a personal touch throughout the process, of purchasing their dream home or investing in the correct project.

They pride themselves in working efficiently, with honesty and decency in all matters from the start of a deal to its successful completion and beyond.

With over 15.000 properties listed in the company's portfolio and more than half a billion worth of sales in the past 20 years, the company is confident enough that it can find exactly what the future clients will be looking for.

First Class Homes, works also very closely with all banks and investment funds in order to secure the best deals in the market. The company's cooperation with the largest law firms on the island gives its clients, peace of mind even in the most challenging and complicated of deals.

It is worth mentioning that Kyriakos Michael is the Founder and CEO of the company and the person behind the company's successful story.

First Class Homes
Founder(s) Kyriakos Michael
Key people Kyriakos Michael, Akis Charalambous
Agent RN 367/E
Licence No 690
Main office 32 Amathountos Avenue, Agios Tychon, 4532
Phone +357 25 310243
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