Renos Pitros

Renos Pitros

Renos Pitros Homes is a registered and licensed estate agency in Cyprus. The company was founded in 1980 and it has managed to become one of the most reputable estate agencies on the island.

The company offers free advertising! As the company underlines, without advertising, the client's home is going to be invisible on the market.

This is exactly the reason why Renos Pitros Homes offers to homeowners the best alternative to advertise and sell their house without estate agency fees, whatsoever.

Ιt is no coincidence that the company chose this slogan to represent its vision: "We do not only meet customer expectations but we exceed them!"

At Renos Pitros they offer a wide multi-discipline range of services from Real Estate Agency, Property Valuations for all types of requirements, Building & Structural Surveys reports, and much more.

The mission of Renos Pitros Homes is to have the client as their number ONE priority. The company safeguards the client's purchase and at the same time saves the client's time and money. The firm makes the whole process of buying or selling Cyprus property as smooth as possible.

The company makes clients assured of a high standard of honesty, integrity, care, and professionalism.

Renos Pitros Services

Valuations for any property and for any purpose such as:

· Buying/Selling
· Divorce/Matrimonial
· Probate Administration
· Insurance Compensation
· Financial Accounting/Asset Valuation
· Compensation for Compulsory Acquisition
· Any other purpose, including a Viability Study

Building & Structural Surveys [Buyer's Report]

This report will identify defects and or shortcomings likely to adversely affect the use of the property.
Defects that clients were unaware of or the severity of which they may not have realized will be brought to their attention.
Renos Pitros structural and civil engineering team also provides a full range of structural engineering and consulting services. The firm specializes in new building design as well as seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of old structures. The most advanced earthquake-resistant technology is used.

Estate Agency

Renos Pitros agency team consists of individual Agents under their Estate Agency license. The individual Agents upload and advertise their properties for Sale or for Rent. Enquiries are received by the Agent directly in his/ her email inbox.

Investment Consulting

Renos Pitros Homes has the skills and experience to identify real estate investments and complete feasibility/viability studies. The business aids the investor in maximizing earnings. The company owns significant investment assets with strong yields and expansion possibilities.


The company's UK-trained lawyers are a dynamic and energetic team of highly skilled and committed lawyers. They deal with all aspects of the law including Immovable Property Law and Investments. As they are additionally qualified Chartered Surveyors, they specialize in real estate-related matters. The law firm has a long-standing reputation for delivering more prompt solutions than promises. Their clients are always represented with efficiency, integrity, professionalism, and most importantly transparency. These are the cornerstones of the law firm. It is their duty to protect the client's legal interests.

Due Diligence

When corporations and individuals purchase property in Cyprus, they must conduct due diligence. It is an important aspect of the property purchasing process since it allows the buyer and seller to verify each other before exchanging contracts.

The most important step is to verify the property title with the Cypriot Land Register, for the existence of any encumbrances, liens, lease contracts, mortgages, restrictive covenants, debts, or any other issues. The company’s real estate lawyers will additionally arrange for the payment of the stamp duty and any other transfer fees. Lastly, they will help clients with the sale/purchase contract and property registration with the Land Register.
Another important consideration when buying a home in Cyprus is if the structure complies with the planning permission/building permit, whether the completion certificate has been received, and whether the title deeds have been updated.

Key Persons behind the Company

Renos Pitros

A Civil Engineer holder of a B.Sc.(Hons) degree, from City University - London.
He is also a holder of a Postgraduate Diploma in Surveying from University College of Estate Management - Reading UK.
He is a Chartered Surveyor - Valuer, F.R.I.C.S Fellow Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
Renos Pitros is also a Member of the Cyprus Scientific & Technical Chamber [ETEK] as Architect - Civil Engineer and Property Valuer.
He is Registered and Licensed Estate Agent with the Cyprus Council of Registration of Estate Agents.
He is also Registered and Licensed Energy Performance Assessor, with the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce & Industry.

Eftychios Pitros

A UK-trained practicing Lawyer holder of an LLB (Hons) degree.
He is a holder of an MA in European Real Estate, from Kingston University – London.
Eftychios is a Chartered Surveyor – M.R.I.C.S Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
He is also a Member of the Cyprus Bar Association.

Renos Pitros
Founded 1980
Founder(s) Renos Pitros, Eftychios Pitros
Employees 10 - 25
Key people Renos Pitros
Main office 180 Gladstonos Road, Paphos, 8046
Phone +357 2622 2277