Zyprus is a leading real estate agent in Cyprus. The company provide various real estate related services through their complete team of agents, chartered surveyors, valuers and immigration consultants.

Zyprus' expertise touches a number of areas since the firm’s agents have been active in the real estate industry for years during which time they have learned almost everything there is to know about buying and selling property in Cyprus. They leverage this knowledge to provide best-in-class advice on buying, selling, renting and valuing real estate. The firm is dedicated to helping its clients make better property decisions through trusted advice from seasoned professionals in the world of real estate and their services have already helped dozens of buyers, sellers and other individuals with an interest in Cyprus property get the very best deals on all kinds of real estate.

The real estate firm was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Paphos from where they have expanded their operations over the years to establish a presence in Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta and Nicosia. Zyprus offers a comprehensive real estate experience, often described as Cyprus’ equivalent to Zillow or Zoopla and other similar online services across the world. By having a presence in every city and a team of highly qualified, experienced specialists on hand to offer excellent advice, the firm aims to ensure that their clients are well informed and make every decision after careful consideration. It is among the most trusted firms of its kind in Cyprus with property buyers, sellers and renters turning to Zyprus for all their needs.

The Zyprus website gives detailed summaries of all the services available from the firm. They are, primarily a real estate agency and so they help sellers and buyer reach their goals with the utmost efficiency. Property valuations are another one of the services offered by Zyprus and they provide RICS and ETEK accredited professional valuations for any purpose and property type imaginable. Valuations are delivered promptly and at incredibly low fees. The firm also provides real estate investment analysis. They deliver industry-leading investment analysis aimed at helping investors better understand their return on investment. Zyprus’ services also extend to citizenship and residency, helping both individuals and families obtain permanent residency and citizenship through investment in real estate. The firm’s extensive network allows them to help their clients identify market opportunities that could offer them opportunities to enhance their income and capital growth objectives. Finally, Zyprus offers assistance with legal and tax service to clients looking to buy or sell immovable property in Cyprus.

What makes Zyprus so popular is how easy the firm makes finding properties. Almost every real estate agency’s website allows users to filter properties by area, size, number of rooms and any of a dozen other things but Zyprus is different in that it is one of the most comprehensive real estate platforms available in Cyprus. With a dynamic catalogue of properties and projects, various advanced search filters, a calculator for realty items as well as an affordability calculator, and offices in all the major cities where clients can go in person to get the advice and assistance they need to make better decisions regarding property, Zyprus is, for many, the best way to find a specific type of property anywhere in Cyprus.

At Zyprus they believe that property owners deserve a reliable estimate on their potential capital gains before they consider selling a piece of property. This is why their chartered surveyors worked to design and develop their user-friendly capital gains tax calculator, a powerful tool that by entering specific details like selling price, cost of purchase, other costs and potential allowances can quickly come up with a reliable estimate of how much capital gains tax applies to the user. While it does not constitute professional advice it is a very powerful tool and the estimates it comes up with are very useful for anyone looking to sell their property.

Their affordability calculator simplifies the process of estimating what kind of house you might be able to afford on a certain budget. To use it, the user need only enter details about their income, down payment and monthly debts and the system will then estimate the house price that makes the most financial sense. Like the capital gains tax calculator, it is not meant to serve as professional advice but is still a very useful tool for anyone looking at buying a house in Cyprus.

The real estate firm is valued by buyers and sellers alike for the excellent advice it offers. This includes advice regarding the latest trends and prices in the Cyprus housing market. Through their market activity tool, Zyprus allows users to take a look at current average market trends and prices for a given property type in a specific region. This gives a fairly detailed idea of the current state of the market and is, again, a very useful tool for property buyers and sellers in Cyprus but does not constitute professional advice. 

Zyprus can be described as a collection of tools with the ability to completely change the way people buy and sell property in Cyprus. By combining years of experience, world class expertise and advanced modern systems they ensure that no buyer or seller of property in Cyprus ever makes an uninformed purchase or sale again or at least that they have no reason for doing so. Zyprus’ goal is to keep everyone informed and help them make the right decisions and many in the real estate industry would agree that the firm consistently finds success in meeting this goal. Get in contact by visiting their website or one of their offices in any major city to leverage the many tools the firm has amassed over the years and find the perfect property to purchase or the perfect buyer for your property.

Founded 2015
Founder(s) Charalambos Pitros
Employees 50+
Key people Charalambos Pitros, Constantinos Orphanides, Victoria Roberts, Narine Akopyan Themistocli, Eleni Iordanidou, Evelina Neophytou
Agent RN 742
Licence No 378/E
Main office 96 Tombs of the Kings Ave, Paphos, 8046
Phone +357 7777 6477
Email info@zyprus.com
Website zyprus.com