The most exclusive Gated Communities in Cyprus

Published on 02 Jun 2021, 15:28

The most exclusive Gated Communities in Cyprus

Coralli Shore Habitat in Parekklisia, Limassol

There are a number of highly exclusive properties in Cyprus. From ultra-luxurious, expensive apartments inside the tallest buildings in Nicosia or Limassol to million euro seaside villas in Paphos, Cyprus has it all. Nothing quite compares, however, to the privacy, luxury and safety of Cyprus’ gated communities. Despite its small size, Cyprus has a number of hidden communities that only the super-rich have access to. These exclusive residential areas often come in the form of gated communities, neighbourhoods into which one cannot gain access unless issued an invitation by a resident. Cyprus is by no means a large place but there are still multiple communities where one can find some of the most lavish homes and a unique, lavish lifestyle hidden from the eyes of the general public.

Gated Communities

The term ‘gated community’ refers to a residential community or housing estate that is protected by strictly controlled entrances which prevent pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers from simply entering without an invitation. Often, gated communities are surrounded by walls or fences cutting off the outside world from the community inside. The concept of a community hidden behind a wall or fence has existed for centuries with ancient cities having been protected and hidden behind walls. In modern times, gated communities are reserved for the most affluent members of society and often feature various shared amenities like private golf courses or parks and other common areas for the enjoyment of the community’s residents.

In Cyprus, gated communities are usually located either near a particularly beautiful section of the shoreline or are simply affluent, private residential areas where one can find some of the most extravagant homes on the island. The island has a lot to offer and one of the best ways in which to enjoy it all is from the extreme comfort and safety of one of the exclusive gated communities on the island.

Coralli Shore Habitat

When most people think of exclusive gated communities in Cyprus, one of the first places they think of is Coralli Shore Habitat by DTA Group. Located right by the sea near Limassol, Coralli is one of the most unique and exclusive luxury residential complexes with 5 star facilities located within walking distance of the shoreline. The complex is located on a quiet, private stretch of road ensuring that not everyone can simply walk or drive up to the housing complex adding to the air of exceptionality it exudes. The complex’s main selling point is its proximity to the beach. Cyprus, among many other things, is known for its incredibly beautiful beaches and across the road from Coralli is a prime example. Residents, in addition to living in luxury, have the privilege of not only having one of the most gorgeous views in the world to look out on and being just a few steps away from it. The complex is also a short distance away from the St. Raphael Marina Yacht Club.

The actual complex itself features a mix of chic, modern architecture and traditional Mediterranean architectural style. In Coralli Shore Habitat, one can find luxury villas, houses and apartments surrounded by beautiful gardens, swimming pools and much more. Quality is the word that can be used to describe every aspect of the small community’s design. The houses are incredibly diverse but every single one offers uncompromising quality and luxury with stunning interiors, the absolute peak of quality and security. Being a private, gated community, the complex is very safe and the round the clock security works with the 24/7 concierge service to ensure that it remains so. Some of the facilities the community offers include property management, a tennis court, a gym and sauna, club cars and so much more. With all the amenities it provides its residents and the incredibly high quality of the materials and techniques used to put together the luxurious houses that make up Coralli Shore Habitat, the community is definitely one of the most exclusive gated communities in Cyprus.

Eléa Estates

Another highly exclusive community that may draw the attention of anyone looking to live lavishly in Cyprus is Eléa Estates. The community is currently under construction but it already shows promise. Located near the Eléa Golf Club in Paphos, Cyprus, the new gated community will be one of the most exclusive places one can find on the entire island. Currently there is one show villa located near the gold club and it appears to be one of the most well-appointed pieces of property on the island. The villa is made up of a 408 square meter luxury home built on three levels overlooking the 14th hole at Eléa Golf Club which was designed by Sir Nick Faldo. The villa itself was designed by Ergo7 architects based on the Eléa Estate master plan and provides direct access to the gold course in addition to the Eléa Club House. Each of the villa’s four bedrooms has their own bathrooms in addition to either a balcony or a veranda and one bedroom is the master suite. The villa offers beautiful views of both the golf course and the Mediterranean Sea. Residents will find themselves comfortable no matter what season they find themselves in thanks to the villa’s under floor heating and air conditioning. These are only a few of the many features present in the villa.

What makes this new gated community so unique is the fact that whether one chooses to purchase an apartment, a garden villa or a luxury villa, all of the above features and amenities are the norm. The level of quality, skilful design and sheer opulence that goes into the construction of each Eléa property is totally unmatched. Once the estate is finished, there will be roughly 300 properties, each one designed to be absolutely perfect.


Just outside Paphos sits Minthis by Pafilia, a new gated community in the process of being built. The exclusive new development is, according to the developers behind its construction, one of the most ambitious real estate projects currently under construction anywhere on the island. Sitting on 5 million square metres of land about 500 metres above sea level, the Minthis community is unique in that once it is complete only a small percentage of the land it covers will be converted to residential space while the rest will remain untouched for the community’s residents to enjoy. The idea is to provide luxury living while also allowing residents with more than enough room to commune with and enjoy nature.

Minthis, like any world class gated community, will have a number of amenities available for the enjoyment of its residents. The community will have a private golf course, children’s play grounds and more to keep its residents and their families happy and entertained while also giving them room to enjoy the natural landscape. The land upon which the gated community will be build is Natura 2000 protected landscape.

Only the very best will do when it comes to architectural design in Minthis and the developers have no intention of sticking to the ordinary. The community’s villas and suites will all feature a combination of sleek modern and traditional Mediterranean and Cypriot architecture. In addition to the many amenities at Minthis, residents have access to a team of world class chefs who, using natural ingredients taken from the countryside, will prepare world class meals featuring local flavours. In Minthis, residents are encouraged to be one with nature and embrace the vibrant, centuries-old Mediterranean culture around them.

Luxury Living In Cyprus

Gated Communities, wherever in the world they are found, offer the very highest standards of living and the few gated communities in Cyprus absolutely do not disappoint. The very best that the world of architecture has to offer goes into the creation of world class monuments to opulence in the form of luxury apartments and villas. This, combined with the exclusivity of a gated community, makes life in a private complex in Cyprus.