Peyia village: where the rich and famous come to rest

Published on 27 Mar 2022, 09:54

Peyia village: where the rich and famous come to rest

Aerial view of Peyia Village

Peyia village located in Paphos District is certainly a hidden gem, offering peace and tranquillity along with a level of luxury rarely found elsewhere. Rich and famous people like Shakira, John Terry or Peter Krause along with dozens of retirees and vacationers have chosen to make a home for themselves in the small paradise known as Peyia which is itself located in the Mediterranean paradise known as Cyprus. The village has the uncanny ability to draw in wealthy visitors from far and wide and for some reason it appears that Peyia is the place to which celebrities and multi-millionaires in search of luxury property in Cyprus seem to be drawn.

Peyia, sometimes spelt Pegeia, is situated along the steep hills near Coral Bay, overlooking the picturesque Akamas peninsula. The village can be found about 14km outside Paphos to the northwest and has a relatively small to medium sized population of just over twelve thousand people, many of whom are part of Cyprus’ large community of expats. Peyia is, in many ways, a fairly ordinary Cypriot village with all the basic amenities one might find in most other Cypriot towns but the thing that makes it so unique and thus so attractive to foreigners looking to purchase property in Cyprus, is its location.

Peyia serves as a vantage point from where one can look out at what is perhaps the most beautiful view Cyprus has to offer. The city’s relatively remote location also provides a certain level of peace and quiet rarely found elsewhere. It is close enough to Paphos to not feel totally isolated while simultaneously providing the opportunity to relax and unwind far from the hustle and bustle of a larger city.

Many of the people that call Peyia home do so on a temporary basis, merely purchasing summer homes they visit annually. Many of the residents are retired expats and there are a growing number of millionaire property owners who come in search of a place to relax, far away from prying eyes. Such people generally expect a certain level of luxury wherever they are and Peyia, though a small quiet town, more than meets the challenge of housing millionaire pop stars and football players. One can only assume that Shakira, John Terry, Peter Krause and any other world renowned celebrity in the area has similar requirements when looking for a summer home which points to another reason why the hillside town is becoming popular among the elite.

Shakira: The Most Famous Property Owner In Peyia

Shakira, a multi award winning Latin artist known the world over as the ‘Queen of Latin Music’ is known to be among Peyia’s most famous multimillionaire property owners. She often visited Cyprus in the past and it was known to be one of her favourite holiday destinations. She eventually decided in 2019 to purchase an off plan six bedroom, eight bathroom holiday home in the luxurious Cap St. Georges resort, the largest seafront resort in Cyprus with over 150 villas overlooking the Sea of Akamas. The holiday home is expected to be completed this year (2022).

Cap St. Georges Resort is an award winning destination having won awards at multiple international architectural competitions. The resort has a clubhouse with luxury facilities and services which include a 24 hour reception and concierge services. The resort also provides access to two kilometres of beachfront, a spa and multiple world class restaurants and bars.

All the mansions from Cap St. Georges are owned by rich and famous people from around the world and the resort is also preparing to welcome guests to its new world class 5 star hotel where guests are guaranteed to have unforgettable experiences. The resort is not yet complete and its inauguration is set to take place in 2023 where it is expected to draw the interest of people across the globe with various events involving many high profile artists.

The most expensive villa in Peyia

Peyia has countless beautiful, million euro homes for sale and recent purchases show that there is no shortage of buyers. Few people associate the words ‘small town’ with the words ‘million euro villa’ but in the case of Peyia, a small quiet town, million euro hillside homes are incredibly common. One of the the most expensive villas in Peyia is currently valued at 27 million euros. A brilliant masterpiece of architecture and design with panoramic sea views! The property offers an unmatched level of luxury with beautiful furniture from world class designers and modern appliances from trusted brands in the kitchen and living areas. This mansion and the luxury it offers, while it may be the one of the most expensive properties in Cyprus, is not as exceptional as its price might imply as there are several other villas fost sale in Peyia at over 27 million. All offer comfort and opulence overlooking breath-taking views found nowhere else on earth all in the heart of a peaceful town just outside Paphos.

Cyprus, a quiet retreat for the wealthy

In many ways, Cyprus is one big playground with almost anything a vacationer or permanent resident might need to have a good time on any given day of the week. The island has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, world class restaurants, vibrant culture and history and no shortage of beautiful, developed cities to visit, each one with something unique to offer. Nicosia, the capital, and Limassol, a beautiful rapidly growing city along the island’s southern edge, are two of the most well-known locations on the island along with Paphos which is located to the southwest and is known for its amazing views.