Leading estate agents in Nicosia

Published on 14 Jun 2021, 18:38

Leading estate agents in Nicosia

Petros Lazarou from G&P Lazarou. Credit: SigmaLive

Nicosia, the capital, has no shortage of real estate agents. Whether you are looking for a small apartment to rent for a few months or a massive million euro mansion for sale, one can always find a real estate agent that knows exactly where to look for the kind of property their client is interested in. Cyprus is a great place to invest in especially when it comes to property and with dozens of excellent properties for sale and dozens more under construction, the island’s real estate agents have become accustomed to working night and day to ensure that their clients get only the very best. Some go above and beyond, however, and make it their business to be the very best real estate agencies in town. These agencies offer their clients access to some of the most exclusive properties in Cyprus. They provide excellent customer service which has earned them a reputation among property buyers for delivering nothing but quality service. The top real estate agencies in Nicosia have been helping buyers find properties for years and this has helped them establish themselves as the best of the best in Nicosia and earned them a spot among the top five real estate agents in Nicosia. Here are some of the best real estate agencies in Nicosia. These five real estate agencies were chosen through a combination of their Google Maps rating and their general reputation as seen through online reviews.

M. Residence

When it comes to the question of which real estate agency is the best in Nicosia, few agencies are as guaranteed to come up in conversation as M. Residence. M. Residence is one of the most modern and innovative real estate agencies and their services cover everything from sales and valuations to marketing solutions. The real estate firm puts great emphasis on innovation with the goal being to change the way people look at the concept of buying and selling property in Cyprus. Using the latest technology and marketing techniques, the agency provides its clients with access to a wide range of unique, highly exclusive high-end properties all over Cyprus. The M. Residence team has far reaching connections that provide the agency with information on pieces of property that most agencies will never get wind of. Their unique, innovative approach to everything makes a world of difference, allowing the firm to stand out among other agencies in Nicosia and Cyprus as a whole.

M. Residence offers the best of both worlds; experience and innovation. The firm uses modern tools like virtual tours and social media strategies in combination with years of experience and knowledge. Newer firms may have all the tools in the world but they lack knowledge of all the ins and outs of real estate in Nicosia. Older firms have been helping people find the perfect home for years but they tend to not make use of all that modern technology has to offer. M. Residence does both. The firm is well connected, both online and on the ground and one can be sure that when they work with M. Residence to find the perfect property, it often truly is the perfect property.

Stavrinos Estates

Stavrinos Estates is another one of the most highly regarded agencies in Nicosia. A member of the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association, the real estate agency offers to share its expertise in buying, selling and renting of properties in a number of areas in and around Nicosia. Stavrinos Estates provides clients with access to a wide selection of properties with everything from agricultural and residential land to commercial buildings. This Nicosia real estate agency puts greater emphasis on providing a comprehensive property agency service. This means their services extend beyond the simple purchase and sale of property and into other areas including property management and development.

Stavrinos Estates is unique among real estate agencies due to the incredibly high level of expertise its agents offer. Their years of experience in property management and development combined with a commitment to helping their clients get the very best properties on the market make it so Stavrinou Estates is one of the very best real estate agencies in Nicosia.

Property Leaders

Property Leaders puts the ability to provide valuable, qualified information to each and every client first. The agency’s approach to real estate is unique in that they work alongside clients to help them make the right decisions. By walking their clients through each and every step of the process of finding a property to rent or purchase, Property Leaders ensures satisfaction. Other agencies simply help their clients find properties but Property Leaders offers advice that can and has helped clients turn good investments into great ones. The agency’s services include real estate consultancy, rentals and much more. The agency has a rating of five stars on Google Maps and has been helping people make the right choices in real estate for many years.


One of the oldest and most recognised names in real estate is REInvest and they, since opening their doors for business in the 1980, have succeeded in making their mark on the real estate industry in Cyprus. Their service is client focused and the firm’s network reaches out across the entirety of Cyprus from Paphos to Famagusta and everything in between. REInvest has established a presence in every major city on the island and is by far one of the largest and most widely recognised organisations in Cyprus. Some of the services offered by the agency include property management, project management and a number of other things in addition to their main role as one of the top five real estate agencies in Nicosia.

The REInvest team is made up of some of the most qualified specialists in the industry who are always ready and willing to offer their extensive experience and skills to any client looking to purchase or invest in a piece of property. With this team of highly skilled employees and decades upon decades of being one of the top names in the real estate industry, REInvest has more than earned its place as one of the top five real estate firms in Nicosia.

G&P Lazarou

Last but certainly not least among the top five real estate agencies in Nicosia is G&P Lazarou. G&P Lazarou offers a unique experience for both buyers and landlords. With thousands of property listings, the agency is more than well established and has all the tools needed to ensure that any client that gets in contact with the firm finds exactly the type of property they are looking for. The fact that its clients are always among the first to know about new, hot properties in any given area makes it so G&P stands head and shoulders above almost any other real estate firm in the capital. Information is one of the most valuable assets in the real estate industry and G&P has no shortage of it. Almost as soon as a new property enters the market, the G&P team knows about it and knows who among their many clients may be interested in it. The firm continues to grow and innovate nearly 30 years after opening.

Real Estate Agencies In Nicosia

There are a number of other excellent agencies in Nicosia that, while they do not appear on this list, can offer a great experience to anyone looking to buy or rent a piece of property. The agencies on this list have been in the industry for years and offer one or more unique services or experiences which set them apart from other real estate agencies. It can certainly be said, however, that Nicosia has no shortage of great agents ready to help buyers and renters find the perfect home.