The best shopping experience Cyprus has to offer

Published on 19 Oct 2021, 17:54

The best shopping experience Cyprus has to offer

The creation of a unique shopping experience is something not easily done. The creation of a great shopping experience is even more difficult. There are a number of malls in Cyprus that offer a unique, memorable shopping experience to anyone lucky enough to pay them a visit. Time, money and ingenuity are essential when undertaking to create the best shopping experience in Cyprus but in order to actually become the very best shopping all on the island, it is necessary to stand out, whether through unique architecture or sheer size. One such mall is located in Nicosia and the other can be found in Limassol while a third can be found in Paphos. All three offer an unparalleled shopping experience the likes of which one is unlikely to find anywhere else on the island and perhaps even in the whole Mediterranean.

It is no secret that Cyprus, being an island, is not the largest country in the world but even with so little space Cyprus property developers and investors have managed to bring everything one might find in the world’s largest capitals to the island. This includes world famous brands and franchises. Nicosia Mall, King’s Avenue Mall and My Mall Limassol are three places where one can find all of the world’s most well-known brands and so much more all in one large, spacious shopping centre. This is true for most if not all malls, however, but the one thing that makes these three stand out is the sheer size of all three places. Each one covers thousands of square metres every inch of which is occupied by either a world-renowned brand, a locally owned store stocked with high quality products or some other world class establishment that is sure to offer an experience found nowhere else in Cyprus and perhaps even the world.

Nicosia Mall

Nicosia Mall is the largest mall in Cyprus by number of shops with more than 130 units covering over 80000 square metres. Often referred to as the ‘The Centre of Nicosia’, the mall is located in the southwest of Nicosia on the edge of Lakatamia. The mall’s 134 units are occupied by a number of internationally recognised brands from brands like American Eagle, Adidas and Lacoste to Mac Cosmetics, Ojo Sunglasses, Swarovski and beyond. One can also find almost any restaurant imaginable in Nicosia Mall including both famous international fast food chains and unique local eateries and coffee shops. Nicosia Mall put everything one could possibly want, both in terms of shopping and entertainment, in one large space where people from far and wide can come and while away the hours.

The mall is not called ‘The Centre of Nicosia’ for nothing. Any brand, food, activity or service can be found somewhere on the 82000 m2 of floor space that comprise Nicosia Mall. The size of the mall is not the only thing about it that is impressive. A great deal of technical knowledge and passion went into the construction of this 82000 m2 shopping complex and it can be seen in the mall’s elegant, modern design. The sheer size may make it appear imposing yet somehow, thanks to the architectural expertise of the designers behind Nicosia Mall, it does not appear out of place among its more rustic surroundings. Even without taking the many activities and the unique shopping experience into account, Nicosia Mall draws people with its very design. The exterior serves as an advertisement for the unique shopping experience within and invites all who look upon it to enjoy all the entertainment and luxury that Nicosia Mall has to offer. Every visit offers a unique, enjoyable experience during which one is all but guaranteed to find everything they desire and more.

King’s Avenue Mall

A close contender for the best shopping experience in Cyprus is King’s Avenue Mall, a Paphos based mall which boasts over 120 units and is considered one of the largest malls in Cyprus in terms of total built area. The mall has a total built area of 90,000 square metres while the actual mall is built on a 46000 square metre plot. Like Nicosia Mall and My Mall Limassol, King’s Avenue Mall hosts a range of brands under one roof along with countless globally recognised or locally beloved cafes and restaurants. The mall is also has a multiplex cinema with 6 screens along with an arcade.

Like any great mall, King’s Avenue is a wonder of architectural and interior design with its grand, unique shape and glamorous interior having the ability to leave a powerful impression on anyone who visits. King’s Avenue loses out to Nicosia Mall in terms of sheer retail space but not by much. The 120 units it offers are nothing to scoff at and this number puts the Paphos mall near the top of the list of the largest and most impressive malls in Cyprus.
My Mall Limassol

While it is not the largest mall in Cyprus, My Mall Limassol has a lot to offer and its size is certainly nothing to scoff at. My Mall Limassol is set on a 104000 m2 plot while the actual premises of the mall cover 48000 m2. It houses over a 100 shops along with 17 dining venues and cafes. The Limassol mall is often referred to as the ultimate shopping destination in Cyprus and it has more than earned this distinction over the decade that it has been open. Its central location, potential for the development of strong franchise value have given the Limassol shopping centre the ability to attract the world’s top retail brands. My Mall Limassol is considered an integral part of the Limassol community by locals and world class shopping destination by visitors.

By combining accessibility, professional marketing and a wide selection of world-class brands, chains and franchises along with the large amount of retail space available, My Mall Limassol offers a level of modern luxury and leisure found nowhere else on the island. From fashion brands like Marks & Spencer, Zara and Tommy Hilfiger to well-known international restaurant chains like TGI Fridays and Ocean Basket along with a number of locally owned eating spots, My Mall Limassol has it all and more.
Honourable Mentions

There are number of other malls on the island which, while they may not be as large, offer unique and memorable shopping experiences. In Nicosia, the Mall of Cyprus covers just under 30000 m2 and visitors can choose from over 50 shops and 16 restaurants and cafes. There are plans to increase the mall’s commercial space by 6000 m2 and add 30 new stores in the process along with larger and more comfortable dining spaces and a large number of additional parking spaces.

Another shopping centre that deserves an honourable mention is the Mall of Engomi. The shopping centre covers over 20000 square metres and provides visitors with access to a number of shops and activities. Though it does not come close to comparing with Nicosia Mall and May Mall Limassol, it does not lack anything when it comes to shopping and leisure.

Shopping in Cyprus can be just as enjoyable an experience as anywhere else in the world especially if one chooses to shop in one Cyprus’ largest malls. They are constantly looking to grow and add more to the experience as well so one can be sure to see the largest malls in the country get even larger with time.