Peter Andre, the most famous homeowner in Kiti village

Published on 11 Oct 2021, 19:10

Peter Andre, the most famous homeowner in Kiti village

Peter Andre's luxurious villa in Kiti village, Cyprus

Peter Andre, an English born, Australian raised singer-songwriter, became the most famous homeowner in Kiti after opening up about his holiday property in Cyprus. The luxurious holiday abode in Kiti, a village located just over ten kilometres southwest of Larnaca and is one of the most easily recognisable properties in the village. Kiti is home to just over 4000 people and Peter Andre, who is famous for hits like ‘Mysterious Girl’ and ‘Flava’, occasionally makes his way to Cyprus to live among them in his holiday home. Andre proudly stated that he, with the help of his father Savvas Andrea, developed the Cyprus property over 20 years and was very happy to visit Cyprus with his family and stay in the home they built.

After living in a Sussex mansion worth £5 million which was previously owned by none other than Tom Cruise, the singer songwriter decided to take his family to Cyprus to live in the house he and his father so painstakingly build a few years ago and he aims to return to the house whenever possible.

The most famous property in Kiti

As one might expect from an artist as well-known and successful as Peter Andre, the house offers a level of luxury rarely seen on the island, especially in the small village of Kiti. The house has beautifully maintained, lush greenery, a pool and a tennis court along with all the facilities and amenities that a famous singer might need to make the most of the gorgeous Cyprus summers. The white villa is surrounded by stone paths, green grass and tall trees, many of which were planted by Peter Andre and his father years ago. The pool is surrounded by deck chairs and features dark blue tiling which makes it so the pool looks a bit like the clear blue sea just a few kilometres away. Beside the pool there is a canopy which offers refuge from the scorching Cyprus summer sun where the Andre family spend their days relaxing and soaking in the peace and tranquillity of Kiti village. The house is surrounded by an opaque glass wall which, along the trees and shrubs surrounding the house, provides a certain amount of privacy, protecting the house’s occupants from prying eyes.

During a previous visit to the holiday home, Peter Andre gave his fans a virtual tour of the property including the interior. Like the exterior, no expense was spared on the interior. The house is filled with high quality furniture and fittings from some of the world’s most renowned designers. Peter Andre set out to create the perfect place to spend his holidays and this can be seen in the level craftsmanship that went into designing the interior of the house. The living room floor is made up of cream coloured tiles with a mosaic in the centre. The lounge area has two sofa sets, a neutral coloured L-shaped sofa and a dark navy coloured one. The house is open plan which means the kitchen, dining and living room are all connected. The choice of lighting makes it so the three interconnected spaces still stand out as distinct parts of the house without the transition being jarring. In the kitchen and dining room there are bright down lights that illuminate both spaces while the living room features slightly darker ‘mood lighting’ which makes sitting and relaxing in the house’s living room an experience just like anything else in the singer-songwriter’s Cyprus holiday home.

Kiti Village

Kiti Village is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Cyprus. The sea is between five and six kilometres away, the city of Larnaca is just over ten kilometres away and the natural beauty of the land makes Kiti one of the most unique locations on the island. Like many other places in Cyprus Kiti is home to a number of ancient, historical buildings with unique and fascinating stories that go back hundreds of years. The community has existed since the 3rd century and, according to archaeologists, signs of ancient civilizations and communities can easily be found in the area with tombs that date back to as early as 1900 BC being all but common along the Tremithos river.

Modern date Kiti is home to thousands of people and the community keeps growing. Like all small villages, the people of Kiti form a very tight knit community and the village is one of the safest places in all of Cyprus which itself is an incredibly safe country. It is no wonder that Peter Andre and his family chose Kiti as the place to build their dream holiday home. The village is close enough to a big city to make it so one always has access to all the conveniences and amenities that a big city has to offer while also being far enough away that residents can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature without some of the distractions found in larger communities.

Real Estate In Kiti

While Peter Andre’s dream home is unlikely to go on sale any time soon, there are a number of other lavish properties in the area that present a unique opportunity for those looking to create their own dream holiday home. Peter Andre’s house is likely valued at over a million euros. A 6 bedroom detached house for sale in Kiti costs just a bit under €900,0000 while a bedroom detached costs half a million euros. These are the two most expensive properties in the village that currently available for purchase and it is possible to find other excellent properties in the area for less.

Properties in Kiti are an excellent investment as can be seen from Peter Andre’s holiday home, the culmination of 20 years of work and investment in creating a kind of paradise on Earth. Peter Andre is happy to be able to return to Cyprus every year and by making the right investment choices regarding properties in the village, it is possible to create a home away from home in one of the most beautiful, peaceful places on the planet. 

"I bought the land nearly 20 years ago and me and my father built this. Dad planted a lot of trees around the property. So grateful to have this in our Cyprus" (Peter Andre)