Cheapest beach side villas in Cyprus

Published on 29 May 2021, 13:49

Cheapest beach side villas in Cyprus

Anyone currently living or who has lived in Cyprus knows what it means to have a great summer. The days are getting hotter and the nights shorter and beaches around the island are starting to open. There is no shortage of beautiful beachside properties on the island and what better way to enjoy one’s Cyprus summer than from a beachside villa. Famagusta, Larnaca, Paphos, Kyrenia, all these cities have one thing in common, they are located near some of the most beautiful beaches one might have the pleasure of visiting. Larnaca in particular is known for having gorgeous beaches and there are a number of excellent, affordable properties from which visitors to the island can watch the sea and enjoy the famous pink sunsets.

For as little as a few hundred thousand euros one can buy a villa by the sea or a few minutes’ walk from the nearest beach. The most popular Cyprus real estate sites list countless beautiful beachside houses for sale. Like with everything else, there is always something for everyone in Cyprus when it comes to housing and one can find beachside villas at great prices if one knows where to look.

Beachside Villas For Sale Larnaca

When searching for an affordable beachside villa for sale in Larnaca, one must take into the account the fact that usually villas located right by the seafront tend to cost a bit more than those a minute or two away but they are, in most cases, absolutely worth it. The cheapest beach house for sale was recently sold for €150,000. The semi-detached seafront house is located in Pervolia and provides direct access to the beach along with gorgeous views of the sea. The property features a well-equipped open plan kitchen, living and dining area along with two double bedrooms and a family bathroom. The house also has a covered veranda from where one can look out at the sea or step out onto the beach and relax. The property is cosy and perfect for families looking for a beautiful place near the beach to spend their summers. While the house is not luxurious by any means, it has everything one might need to live comfortable and what it lacks in lavish fixtures and fittings, it makes up for in charm. The €150,000 price tag, combined with the incredible views and unmatched comfort offered by the house make it absolutely perfect for anyone in search of a comfortable place to spend the summer. This property was recently sold, however, but there are a number of other properties near the beach at comparable prices.

When searching for affordable seaside properties, it is sometimes necessary to look at villas that, while they are not actually on the beach, are less than five minutes’ walk from the shoreline. The Pervolia house is one of a kind, a beautiful house by the beach for less than €200,000, and it is no surprise that it was snapped up almost as soon as it was listed. Located five hundred metres from the sea in Larnaca and priced at €254,000 is a beautiful villa in a residence with a pool and garden. While the sea is not as directly accessible from this property as from the Pervolia house, it is within walking distance and residents are treated to beautiful views of the sea from the comfort of their 170m2, 3 bedroom villa. The villa is located in a residential complex within which one can find a communal pool and a beautiful garden.

For €285,000, one can get a villa within a complex in Larnaca that is a few hundred metres from the sea. The villas are slightly further inland than the other Larnaca villa but what it lacks in proximity to the sea, it makes up for in comfort. The complex is made up of 14 beautiful villas that provide the absolute pinnacle of luxury seaside living at an affordable rate. The complex features a number of distinct property types which are all but guaranteed to shift perceptions of luxury in the area. Each house comes

Beachside Villas For Rent In Larnaca

There are countless options when it comes to renting, perhaps more than when it comes to buying. The advantage of renting a property is that usually beachside villas for rent come fully equipped for short or long stays. One can also choose to simply move to a different place if they are dissatisfied unlike with buying a piece of property which is a more permanent commitment. There are a number of seaside villas for rent in and around Larnaca with some costing as little as €50 per night.

The Kiti Beach Villa Marina 44 is one such cheap property in Cyprus and it is available to rent for €50 per night. The two bedroom semi-detached house is located in a small development on Kiti Beach and was fully renovated back in 2015. The house is equipped with all the modern appliances and equipment necessary for a comfortable stay. The ground floor features a modern kitchen and an open plan living room and dining area. This is connected to an outside patio which is equipped with tables and chairs. The master bedroom has a large double bed while the second bedroom has a bunk bed. The villa has a single modern clean that, like the rest of the house, is kept spotlessly clean. With air-conditioning, free high speed Wi-Fi and, most importantly, direct access to the beach, Villa Marina is the perfect place for small families looking to enjoy a few weeks by the beach. Nearby for slightly more, €60 per night, is Kiti Beach Villa Marina 43, a two bedroom semi-detached house. Like the other villa, it was renovated in 2015 and offers all the same amenities as number 44.

There are a number other cheap beachside villas for rent in Larnaca and one need only look.

Life By The Beach

Cyprus is home to a number of world class beaches with countless gourmet restaurants and bars along with excellent nightlife. There are also many quiet, practically undiscovered beaches which is where many of the most beautiful seaside villas can be found. Life by the beach in Cyprus is like nothing else and having a house right by the edge of the islands’ golden sands is more than affordable for anyone willing to look.