The most exclusive new real estate projects in Cyprus

Published on 31 May 2021, 16:35

The most exclusive new real estate projects in Cyprus

Minthis Hills in Tsada, Paphos, is the flagship Golf resort project of Pafilia

There are a number of new luxury real estate developments springing up around Cyprus. The island has dozens of luxury apartments, houses and villas ready for the taking and new, exclusive developments are always springing up. From Paphos to Larnaca to Nicosia, new real estate projects are constantly springing up and some developers have taken it upon themselves to revolutionize people’s perceptions of luxury real estate in Cyprus through the construction of incredibly lavish, exclusive properties all over the island. From tall, glass apartment buildings in Nicosia to lavish gated communities by the sea in Larnaca and Paphos, real estate developers are dead set on creating the most luxurious living conditions on the island. Here are some of the most exclusive new real estate projects in Cyprus.


Hidden away from prying eyes just ten minutes away from Paphos is Minthis. Described as ‘an inspiring hillside community’ Minthis is set to be one of the most exclusive gated communities on the island. The community is situated on 5 million square metres of land 550 metres above sea level. Of all this land, only 3% will be built on leaving residents with vast swathes of untouched natural land to look out on from their luxury homes.

The exclusive community will provide residents with access to a number of amenities including a golf course, children’s playgrounds and more. The Minthis community will be located on a peaceful hilltop in the middle of five million square metres of Natura 2000 protected landscape. The world class homes will offer a unique combination of escapism and cultural immersion inspired by traditional Cypriot architecture. The design of the homes is of the highest quality and reflects the shared vision of Pafilia, the developer in charge of the Minthis project and Woods Bagot, the world-class architects whose expertise is responsible for creating some of the most exclusive properties on the island.

The private community will feature residences, villas and suites, all of which will exist in harmony with the natural beauty of the land, capturing cool hillside breezes and looking out on gorgeous views found nowhere else in the world. At Minthis, nature is an inescapable part of everything. Every villa or golf course is built in such a way as to allow the residents to interact with nature in a variety of interesting ways. Residents will have access to world class chefs who use natural ingredients from the countryside to create extraordinary dishes featuring excellent, refined Mediterranean flavours. The community is mere minutes from Paphos and so residents will have access to all the beauty and culture the city has to offer. 

"Minthis Hills is one of the most exclusive projects in the Eastern Mediterranean"
Evangelia Eliadou, Executive Director of Pafilia Property Developers

One Limassol Tower

Along the Limassol coastline stands the tallest seafront residential high rise superstructure in Europe, the One Limassol Tower. Described as a one of a kind investment opportunity, the city of Limassol has grown into a modern European city and a vibrant hub of business, culture and recreation. Investors from all over Cyprus and the world make their way to Limassol every year looking to get their hands on one of the dozens of premium real estate investment opportunities that are constantly springing up all over the city. The most exclusive of these projects the One Limassol Tower. It offers unparalleled standards of luxury living. Set on the beautiful Limassol coast, the tower offers its residents access to an exclusive lifestyle that blends all the comforts associated with modern luxury living with all the beauty and charm a historic coastal city like Limassol has to offer.

Pafilia, the developer behind the One Limassol Tower and many of the other exclusive real estate development projects across the island, saw the opportunity to create some of the most lavish, elite residential spaces on the island at one of the most renowned locations on the island, the Limassol coastline. What better place to erect such a building than one of the island’s hubs of culture, shopping and entertainment?

Pafilia partnered with Atkins, who is known for working on Burj Al Arab, WKK, HBA and BuroHappold to execute their vision. They chose 28th October Avenue, a seafront promenade within minutes of the business district and the old town as the location for their ambitious 37 storey project. The tower’s design is meant to emulate the imagery associated with the city of Limassol while simultaneously being the epitome of luxury living in Limassol. The tower is made up of 83 lavish residences, each one built to meet even the most eclectic needs and desires. Residents will have access to a range of amenities and facilities within and around the tower while being within walking distance of some of the attractions the city of Limassol is known for.

The tower is not only the tallest building in Cyprus and Limassol, it is the ultimate symbol of luxury and opulence in the city and is set to change the Limassol skyline for good.


Trilogy, the third in this trio of exclusive real estate projects, is a set of three towers in Limassol located right by the beach front. Set in the heart of Limassol’s most affluent area, the waterfront, the Limassol Trilogy is the perfect place to live, work and play. Offering excellent views of the ocean during the day and a perfect place from which to watch the sunset at dusk before enjoying the lights of the city below at night, Trilogy is both an experience and a destination and anyone lucky or wealthy enough to experience it is all but guaranteed to talk about the place for years after.

Trilogy is particularly special because within the tower one can find some of the most expensive apartments for sale in Cyprus. The absolute cheapest apartment on can get is 1.25 million euro 2 bedroom, 91 square metre apartment on the tenth floor of the east tower. The prices only go up from there with a five bedroom apartment costing a jaw dropping 8.5 million euros. This is the second most expensive apartment project in Cyprus after The One Limassol and it is, by anyone’s standards, worth every penny.

The modern high end architectural design combined with the bold, ambitious location of the building make the astronomical price tag absolutely worth it. Each apartment provides the most opulent lifestyle be it a one bedroom or one of the 8.5 million euro five bedroom apartments. Not only does Trilogy offer premium living, the trio of towers is an excellent place to locate a business. Status and ambition are two concepts that Trilogy represents and choosing to do business out of one or more of the towers says a lot about the creativity and shrewdness of the business and those who run it. Lastly, trilogy offers unique facilities available only to residents of the three towers. Within the confines of the Limassol waterfront based towers, one can find countless opportunities for leisure and relaxation.

Exclusive Real Estate In Cyprus

If there is one thing that Cyprus real estate developers understand, it is luxury. Despite the island’s relatively small size, it has always attracted real estate investors looking to take advantage of the many developments that tend to spring up all over the island. Cyprus is a beautiful place and a home almost anywhere on the island is guaranteed to offer a gorgeous view along with access to some of the most historic sites around the world. Nothing can compare to some of the island’s high end living communities and properties, however. There are a number of gated communities inside which one can find world class living spaces designed by some of the most renowned architects in the world and filled with the very best furniture, fittings and devices the world has to offer. From the One Tower and Trilogy towers in Limassol to the Minthis community just outside Paphos to the dozens of other monumentally opulent projects scattered around the island, Cyprus has a lot to offer than is very difficult to find anywhere else in the world. If it is exclusivity one looks for, Cyprus is the place to find it.