Villa Primavera, the most impressive house in Pissouri

Published on 02 Sep 2022, 15:30

Villa Primavera, the most impressive house in Pissouri

Villa Primavera - on sale for €22 million in August 2022

Located about 30 kilometres outside the centre of Limassol, Pissouri is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places to live in all of Limassol’s district. The main Pissouri settlement overlooks the Cape Astro Bay from the side of a lush green hill. Living in Pissouri means waking up surrounded by lush greenery looking out at the beautiful southern coast of Cyprus before taking a walk through the city’s historic streets and enjoying the many taverns, restaurants and bars the city has to offer. Pissouri is essentially heaven for anyone looking for a beautiful home by the sea and many of the properties located within the village are built with this in mind, offering a luxurious living experience that still somehow manages to harmoniously coexist with the surrounding natural beauty. 

One piece of property in particular stands out as the most luxurious and exclusive seaside villa in Pissouri and possibly even in Cyprus. Villa Primavera is a massive detached villa that is by far the most prestigious piece of property in the area with the price tag to prove it. The property has essentially become a landmark identifying Pissouri that is visible from far out at sea. It is the epitome of luxury seaside living in Pissouri and promises an unmatched living experience to anyone able to pay the millions of euros it would take to buy the villa, 22 million to be exact. 

Villa Primavera

Villa Primavera is located right at the centre of the Pissouri seaside area. At over 20 000 square feet with 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, Villa Primavera is one of the largest residential properties in Cyprus which is just one of the many things that make Villa Primavera a uniquely exclusive piece of real estate. The villa does not only stand out because of its impressive size, it is also set apart by its unique architecture and the use of high end, state of the art materials in its construction. The villa’s architectural design makes it look almost like a cross between a hotel, a castle and a mansion with multiple balconies, staircases and massive windows jutting out of the villa in all directions. Villa Primavera is surrounded by lush greenery, which appears to be a recurring feature of Pissouri, and the property offers 360 degree views of the surrounding green and of Pissouri Bay from its rocky perch. 

The exterior and the villa’s surroundings are both beautiful but the interior offers a level of luxury rarely seen. Some of the indoor facilities include a laundry room, storage room, air conditioning, central heating, a Jacuzzi and so much more all aimed at making the villa’s residents’ life in Pissouri as comfortable as possible. The property is not yet complete but multiple renders of what it will look like once construction is completed show a massive detached villa that offers gorgeous views of Pissouri that is worth every penny of its massive price tag. Villa Primavera is priced at 22 million euros which places it among the most expensive residential properties in Cyprus. Buyers can purchase the property in its current state or once construction is complete.

Pissouri Village

Pissouri is located a few kilometres away from the sea along the Cape Astro Ridge, roughly 150 metres above sea level. Pissouri is such a popular destination for both tourists and Cyprus locals alike thanks to its beauty, offering gorgeous views of the sea and surrounding nature all while gentle waves touch the sandy beaches that Pissouri is known for. The village offers a somewhat laid back way of life, allowing residents to enjoy the area’s natural beauty in a way that might not be able to in a large town or city. This does not mean, however, that there is nothing to do in Pissouri as the village has many taverns, coffee shops and entertainment venues where both visitors and residents can find endless hours of entertainment and taste some of the local cuisine all while taking in the village’s peaceful, revitalising atmosphere. Pissouri is incredibly popular among locals and tourists with thousands of people descending on the seaside village every summer. However, even during the summer months with their heightened traffic, there is never a shortage of peaceful, quiet spaces where one can simply relax. 

There is a lot of emphasis on nature and natural beauty whenever the village comes up in discussion and the beautiful natural trails and hills that surround Pissouri are perhaps the biggest attraction Pissouri has to offer. All of this combined makes the village a very popular destination for people looking to buy property that they intend to use as either holiday homes or as permanent residences. 

Buying Luxury Property In Cyprus

Cyprus is an incredibly popular destination among well-heeled property buyers in search of luxury real estate. This includes both those looking to buy summer homes, those looking to invest in property and those looking to move to the island and live a life of comfort in the Cyprus sunshine. With developers working hard to deliver high end projects in a timely fashion, there is no shortage of properties to buy and new ones are always being added. Villa Primavera, the pride of Pissouri, is an outlier among luxury properties in Cyprus, being both massive and having an incredibly high price tag of 22 million euros. However, with the large number of luxury property developers and investors on the island it is very likely that many more massive multi million euro mansions will appear on property listings in the future.