Marco Polo, a futuristic development on Limassol coast

Published on 21 Oct 2021, 09:30

Marco Polo, a futuristic development on Limassol coast

Nearly 8 Million EUR was paid for the most expensive apartment in Marco Polo complex

Marco Polo, a spectacular residential complex developed on Limassol coast by Prime Property, is set to be the newest, most exclusive piece of luxury real estate in Amathunda and many believe that it will become one of the main features of the area. Located just outside Limassol, the area is known to some as a playground for the wealthy and what better place to erect one of the most unique architectural designs to ever see the light of day in Cyprus. 

Anyone interested in luxury real estate is excited to see Marco Polo complex on the Mediterranean coast in the Amathunda area of Limassol. Images with the development shows an almost otherworldly architectural design that in many ways pushes the absolute limits of what one might expect a luxury apartment building to look like. Located right by the sea, Marco Polo offers to its residents some of the most beautiful views the island has to offer. The clear blue Limassol water is just a few steps away while all the amenities one might need to live not just comfortably but also lavishly either located within the building or a few minutes’ drive away.

The idea behind the development is to create something unique and breath-taking. There are already countless modern glass and steel buildings along the coastline in and around Limassol and most if not all of them are beautiful to look at in their own way but Marco Polo takes this and pushes it to a whole new level. The building owes its unique, breath-taking design to one of the top architecture and design studios in London, UHA London. This is the same firm that is responsible for a number of world class designs in various locations around the world including Sky Tower and the Infinity Towers which are both located in Limassol and an almost inexhaustible list of Gorgeous designs in places like Russia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Mexico and India. Thanks to the skill and experience of the architects at UHA London, the new building will stand out in all the right ways without being an eyesore that spoils the natural beauty of the Cyprus shoreline.

The building’s side profile almost looks like a staircase with luxurious, spacious glass apartments on each level. The beach may be a short walk away but the building also has its own pool on the ground floor for residents to enjoy. Every apartment comes with all the benefits, features and finishes one might expect of a project of this calibre including 3.5 metre high ceilings, top standard finishes and private gardens and swimming pools in the penthouse apartments.

About Marco Polo's Gorgeous Apartments

All 24 of Marco Polo’s luxury apartments in Amathunda have already been purchased before the completion of the project and each one was sold for a very large sum of money with the most expensive top floor penthouses going for nearly 8 million euros. Thanks to the exclusivity of the apartments, the world class design put into every aspect of the Amathunda building and the gorgeous view from every apartment, Marco Polo Amathunda units racked up very high prices and then sold out just as quickly as they appeared on luxury real estate listings.

One of the major selling points of Marco Polo is its front line location. While the expert design and quality finish of the building more than warrants the price tag for an apartment, the building’s proximity to the seashore is one of the many reasons why Marco Polo Amathunda is so exclusive. In addition, the new apartment building is located in a prestigious neighbourhood known for having the best 5 star hotels, restaurants and beaches.

Finding a front line sea facing luxury apartment in Amathunda that is as visually striking as Marco Polo is another matter altogether. From the comfort of their spacious Amathunda homes inside Marco Polo, residents will have access to a number of hotel style services including concierge, SPA, a gym and underground parking. The official cost of the cheapest apartment in the new building may have been over 2 million euros but any luxury realtor or layperson with an interest in upmarket properties would agree that level of luxury the new building offers is practically priceless.

Who is the developer of Marco Polo project?

Prime Property is the company behind the construction of Marco Polo. Widely regarded as a pioneer in real estate development, the company offers a range of services including property development and management. They, unlike most other companies in the real estate industry, operate as both developers and agents which provides investors with a unique perspective regarding Cyprus real estate. Prime Property is a well-known name on the island and many of the biggest, most exclusive projects are in some way connected to the company. Marco Polo is an ambitious project and with the help of one of the best design studios in the world has been quite a success.

The actual design of Marco Polo can be attributed to UHA London. While the Marco Polo project posed a particular challenge due to its uniqueness, they managed to deliver a piece of art. The architectural design studio first opened its doors a decade ago and has quickly grown into one of London’s best with offices and award winning projects all over the world.

Limassol As A Real Estate Hot Spot

Limassol has become the centre of commerce and development in Cyprus thanks to the efforts of a number of enterprising developers. The city’s skyline has transformed over the years into a modern marvel with a number of unique buildings going up along the coastline and luxury properties springing up in and around the city. Nicosia, Paphos and other cities all have a lot to offer in terms of luxury real estate but the combination of lavish properties and proximity to the clear blue water that Limassol enjoys makes it the ideal place for all kinds of world class real estate developments.

Limassol is quickly becoming one of the best places to invest in especially for real estate investors. While luxury residential and commercial properties do tend to spring up all over Cyprus from time to time, Limassol is essentially a hub for development at the moment. From tall towers that house both commercial and residential spaces to unique seaside properties that offer residents unobstructed views of the ocean, Limassol has it all and continues to gain more thanks to the work of a few world class developers.

Innovation is another thing that makes Limassol real estate worth looking into. Marco Polo, for example, takes all the skill and creativity of modern architects and puts it on display astonishing both residents and passers-by every time they look at it. Prime Property and other real estate developers like them seem to be interested in turning Limassol into a world class city and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.