NewZoe Developers

NewZoe Developers

Newzoe Developers is a property developer in Cyprus. The company is a member of the Palourtis Group which was established in 1970 and specialises in the development of land and the construction of tourist and residential complexes in various locations. They put a great deal of emphasis on building high quality units around the centre of Larnaca and near the sea, using only the very best materials and contractors to ensure that every project meets the highest standards.

Newzoe Developers sponsors all projects without mortgages and oversees the timely issuing of property title deeds. In addition, they make it point to pick out good locations which is essential to every one of their prospective buyers. The company has been active in the Cyprus property development industry since 1970 and is pleased to be able to celebrate over 50 years of providing reliable, quality service to the Cyprus property development industry. 

The Newzoe Developers big trio consists of Mr. George Nicola, Mr. Adamos Palourtis and Mr Gregoris Adamou. Together they oversee the operations of one of the top developers in Cyprus, ensuring the company’s clients are offered the security, reliability and honesty that the company has come to be known for. These qualities have helped them establish long standing relationships with clients and business associates both in Cyprus and across the globe.

NewZoe Developers has managed to remain among the top real estate developers in Cyprus by being committed providing quality service. The company has a dedicated after sales team that is always available to help clients and support their families with all their needs even after the business part of their interaction is complete. The company has also managed to establish itself as the go to investment partner, helping dozens of investors identify investment opportunities in the real estate sector. Newzone also has a highly experienced legal team with all the skills and knowledge needed to guide their clients through all the legal aspects of investment.

Newzoe understands what makes Cyprus attractive to outsiders looking to invest and what makes it a great place to live for those already on the island and this knowledge is what allows them to guide investors.

“One of the advantages of the Mediterranean region is its warm climate all year round, and Cyprus is no exception. Our country is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world for living or vacationing. Many Cypriots don’t even lock the front door at night! Even though the country itself is developed, the cost of living in Cyprus, and especially in Larnaca, is much lower than in other developed countries of the European Union. Such examples include the cost of gasoline, food, water, telephone and much more, which makes moving to Cyprus not expensive relative to the centre of Europe”

NewZoe Developers
Founded 1970
Founder(s) George Nicola, Adamos Palourtis
Employees Unknown
Key people George Nicola, Adamos Palourtis, Gregoris Adamou
Projects 20+
Flagship projects Academia Tower Larnaca, Marina Complex Dekelia
Main office 1 Neapolis Street, Oroklini, 7041
Phone +357 24822700