Seaside Mediterranean Villa

Mackenzie, 02 Jan 2021, 18:23
€ 75.000
The main door situated under a lovely veranda, opens into a large and bright open-space measuring 85 sqm. The space looks even larger thanks to the height of the ceiling, while the design of the exposed wooden beams donates to the room a warm touch.

A cozy but at the same time elegant fireplace stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by sofas. The shiny dark grey floor reflects the light of the circular neon on the ceiling creating an effect of extra artificial lights.

The sitting area faces a black marble modern kitchen peninsula, the other side of the kitchen is white with a black top and plenty of natural light provided by the large semi-circular windows.

Adjacent to the open-space kitchen we find a lovely dining area, all surrounded by glass panels overlooking the garden. This area enjoys a fresh, airy conservatory-style look.

The area of the kitchen / dining room features a different floor made of large hexagonal tiles playing with matte grey shades.

On the other side of the large open-space two sliding doors open into two beautiful bedrooms with the same hexagonal flooring. Both bedrooms avails of two separate area: the sleeping area and the reading / relaxing area, created by a cozy nock surrounded by large windows overlooking the garden and high dark wooden ceilings. The two bedrooms share a bathroom with shower facilities.

The open-space also avails of two mezzanine floors, situated on the extreme opposite sites. The mezzanine floors provide other two beautiful on-suite bedrooms with parquet floor and exposed wooden beams.

The villa also avails of another completely independent section that is also internally linked with the rest of the house. This section is situated on the lower part of the building facing the swimming pool and the outdoor party area.