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Reasons to buy property in Vergina

Vergina is located near a major city in Cyprus and has the advantage of being near the routes leading to almost every other major city in Cyprus. Vergina is perfect for anyone looking to be near all the major intercity traffic while also being close to the island’s main airport. Living in Vergina puts one right at the centre of much of the back and forth movement between the island’s main cities and many who choose to live in Vergina find themselves right at the crossroads of all the highways connecting the island. This highly advantageous location combined with the general beauty of the area makes Vergina one of the most sought after living locations among Cyprus property buyers. Another thing Vergina is known for is having a large number of highly exclusive, luxury properties including many of the more pricey pieces of real estate in the area.

Cheap And Luxury Properties In Vergina

Vergina is where many of the most expensive luxury properties in Cyprus are located. Luxury real estate priced at over 10 million euros is fairly common in the area with some of the local real estate costing as much as 15 million. Vergina’s central location factors into the very high value of much of the property located there and as the island as a whole grows and develops into an economic powerhouse in the Mediterranean, being centrally located is likely to become more and more valuable which will, in turn, raise prices on Vergina based properties. There is, however, no shortage of more affordable properties for sale in Vergina. Some of the more reasonably priced options include pieces of real estate that cost around 100000 euros. These too will grow in value over the next few years which makes buying both luxury and affordable property in Vergina a great investment.

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