Property for sale in Universal

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Reasons to buy a property in Universal

Universal is near all the amenities in Paphos and is considered the ideal location for anyone looking to buy a piece of real estate to use during their holidays in Cyprus. It covers a relatively small area yet it provides easy access to a number of important locations including the harbour and several beaches along with a large number of restaurants and entertainment venues. Buying property in Universal puts the buyer in a uniquely advantageous position to enjoy all that the city has to offer while also having easy access to any services and amenities they might need. Universal is very popular among both permanent residents and visitors and for good reason. The area is also likely to see a great deal of development over the coming years as developers like Prime Property appear to be very active in Universal.

Cheap and luxury properties for sale in Universal

Universal is considered a prime location for holiday makers meaning a lot of the property in the area is designed with the needs of temporary visitors in mind. The cheapest properties in Universal are priced at around a hundred thousand but their design clearly indicates their main purpose; leisure. The most expensive properties for sale in Universal are not as expensive as in other similar areas at the island with very few of them being priced at over a million but they still offer exactly the kind of luxury that well off vacationers in search of lavish real estate to act as a second home during their summers on the island look for.

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