Property for sale in Tala

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Reasons to buy a property in Tala

Tala is a large suburban village located 6 km North of Paphos. The village has become a popular place to buy property for foreign property buyers looking for a permanent place to live or a place to spend the holidays. The village is home to a number of notable historical locations including a centuries old monastery and tombs belonging to its founders. The village has a very small population of less than 3000 people making it one of the most peaceful places to own property in Cyprus. Many buyers coming from outside the country choose to buy property in Tala and for good reason. It offers a mix of the peace of a small village and all the pleasures and comforts associated with the holiday experience.

Cheap and luxury properties for sale in Tala

Tala has a large number of both cheap and luxury properties for sale. Real estate in Tala ranges from just over a hundred thousand for the cheapest properties to over two million for a luxury property located in one of the village’s prime locations. A cheaper property may not offer the same beautiful views as some of Tala’s more luxurious properties but makes up for it through the village’s unique, quiet charm. The more lavish pieces of real estate found throughout the village offer gorgeous views of the sea and the surrounding natural beauty of the island. There is property for sale for every pocket in Tala which is why so many foreign buyers have chosen to purchase real estate in the village.

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