Property for sale in Emba

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Reasons to buy a property in Emba

Emba is among the largest villages in Paphos, covering a very wide area and bordering other villages. The village has a very small population of less than 5000 making it one of the most peaceful places to live in Cyprus. Emba is an ancient village with a rich history that can be seen through the many ancient buildings found and around the small town. Some of the village’s more notable attractions include an ancient church dating back almost a thousand years which draws thousands of visitors every year. Emba is one of the quietest villages in Cyprus and is the perfect place for property buyers looking for a quiet, peaceful place to spend their holidays or even live permanently. It is a fairly isolated place with little in the way of attractions to visit but it is this quiet charm that makes it a very popular option among Cyprus property buyers.

Cheap and luxury properties for sale in Emba

Emba properties for sale start from as little as a hundred thousand euros and go up to luxury real estate priced at over 4 million euros. Emba is an excellent place to buy holiday real estate and the wide variety of properties at different price points mean that buyers of various financial means can all find a piece of property to purchase and call theirs with relative ease. Luxury property in Emba offers lavish living in one of the most peaceful places across the island while the cheaper properties offer this same peace albeit at a much lower price and with a little bit less of the luxury.

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