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Reasons to buy property in Dromolaxia

Dromolaxia is a village located very near the Larnaca International Airport. The village has a number of popular tourist attractions that draw countless visitors every near and the fact that it is so close to the airport means it is likely to be one of the first places a visitor to the island is likely to see when they leave the airport. Dromolaxia also has a long and rich history spanning hundreds of years with almost every era of the island’s history being visible in the city’s streets and buildings. It is an excellent location for anyone looking for a piece of property in a small historic town that is also relevant in the modern age thanks to its close proximity to the airport. Buying property in Dromolaxia places the buyer in the centre of a place that is unique in the way it has managed to remain a not only relevant but vibrant and thriving community throughout every year of the island’s history.

Cheap And Luxury Property In Dromolaxia

Dromolaxia real estate does not seem to vary much in terms of price range and the vast majority of properties in the area are priced within 200 000 and 500 000 euros. The village’s main selling point is its proximity to the airport and to a number of popular tourist attractions and it seems there is not much in the way of extreme luxury for sale in Dromolaxia. The more pricey pieces of real estate are priced at around half a million euros and the level of luxury they provide can be said to match the relatively modest price tag. Similarly the more affordable properties in Dromolaxia, those priced at around 200 000 euros, offer exactly what buyer might expect from properties within that price range. The island is rapidly developing, however, and property in the closest settlement to the airport will likely appreciate in value as the years go by.

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