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Reasons to buy property in Alethriko

Alethriko is a village located near the southern edge of Cyprus with a population of just over a thousand according to a 2011 survey. The village is located less than an hour’s drive away from any of the major cities and is located in a green plane with the Pouzi River passing through it. Alethriko is known for the large number of olive, carob and almond trees in the area and its natural green beauty in general. The village is somewhat rural with many residents being involved in rearing animals like sheep, goats and cattle or in the growing of olive trees. In recent years, however, the village’s excellent location and natural beauty have begun to attract foreign property buyers looking for a quiet, rustic setting in which to own real estate. Buying property in Alethriko means having a rural retreat from the noise of the outside world and many of the people who look at buying property in Alethriko do so with the intention of living a peaceful rural life.

Cheap And Luxury Property In Alethriko

Alethriko is a rural village meaning much of the property in Alethriko is modestly priced. The village has no shortage of luxurious properties, however, and there are a few pieces of real estate in the area that are priced in the upper hundred thousands and even over a million. Affordable real estate is still the name of the game in Alethriko and anyone looking to buy affordable property in Alethriko will find that they have a large number of options to choose from. There are dozens of properties in the area priced under 500 000 euros and, despite the relatively low price, these properties are about as luxurious as those priced at nearly double the amount in other parts of Cyprus. Alethriko is, like many other places around the island, developing rapidly and property prices are likely to go up by quite a bit in the near future.

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