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Reasons to buy a property in Zakaki

Zakaki is thought of as being one of the areas with the most untapped potential for development in Cyprus. Zakaki was once relatively uninhabited but is now attracting incredibly wealthy residents, both temporary and permanent, as developers transform it into an exclusive, high end neighbourhood. Developers appear to be interested in an alternative to the high rise luxury real estate that has taken over the rest of the island over the years opting instead to create real estate that essentially blends into the lush surrounding environment. There is currently a multi-billion euro project underway that will see the construction of luxurious, exclusive real estate in the area and buyers with an interest in lavish living may be interested in looking at what Zakaki has to offer.

Cheap and luxury properties for sale in Zakaki

Zakaki has a wide selection of property which does include both cheap and luxury property for sale. The area is known for how solitary and exclusive it is and therefore there are a number of high end properties for sale, priced well into the millions. As developers put more and more resources into lavish real estate projects in Zakaki, new and more expensive properties will begin to appear and the existing ones will likely go up in price. Zakaki is an excellent option for investment in real estate as the rapid development of the area will see a great deal of price growth over the next few years.

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