Leading real estate developers in Northern Cyprus

Published on 01 Jul 2021, 11:50

Leading real estate developers in Northern Cyprus

Horseshoe Bay Villa by Evergreen on sale for €600.000. Credit: Sunlife Homes

There are a number of questions surrounding the Northern half of Cyprus. North Cyprus, known to many as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has been relatively isolated since the island became divided over 40 years ago. With visitors looking to enter the North of Cyprus only being able to do so either through Turkey or by crossing from the Southern side, it is no wonder that some might think that North Cyprus has seen little to no development in terms of real estate over the decades but this could not be further from the truth. Thanks to the efforts of a number of real estate developers, North Cyprus property market has seen the development of a number of upmarket residential and commercial properties and new buildings just keep going up. A quick drive through any major city, North Nicosia, Kyrenia or Famagusta, is enough to show anyone that may be interested in property in the Northern half of Cyprus that there is no shortage of properties and developers working on said properties. From the North side of the divided island’s capital to seaside cities of Kyrenia and Famagusta, North Cyprus has plenty of room to grow and a number of developers have taken it upon themselves to make sure that it grows.

Despite having to contend with extremely limited access to travel and trade with the outside world, Northern Cyprus is still a great place to invest in and these five property developers are the ones who have made it so.

Evergreen Developments Group
This North Cyprus based real estate developer specializes in developing villas and apartments in some of the most exclusive locations in North Cyprus. Using the combined skills of an international team with a variety of skills along with combined years of experience in the management and development of property, Evergreen Developments Group strives to produce nothing but quality. The company uses advanced, high quality construction materials and methods which all but guarantees that their products meet the very highest standards. Even with the strict restrictions on trade and travel that Northern Cyprus has to cope with, Evergreen Developments makes it a point to use world class materials from reliable, world class suppliers.

At Evergreen they make it a point to ensure that every project they work own has its own unique character and design while also providing an incredibly high quality lifestyle and preserving the naturally gorgeous environment. The real estate developer proudly provides both residential and holiday homes in North Cyprus and some of their most notable projects includes Orchid Residence, Alagadi Water Front Homes,Crystal Bay Park and a Horseshoe Bay home worth over half a million euros. These incredibly luxurious pieces of property provide a comfortable, lavish living experience to anyone lucky enough to get their hands on the keys to such exclusive properties. Evergreen continues to work on various properties around Cyprus and one can always count on them to deliver excellent results.

Kibris Developments
Next on the list is a family run company that has been building custom living spaces since as far back as 1985. Under director ÇaÄŸatay Özbirim, a prolific entrepreneur that has invested in a number of industries in addition to real estate, the company has completed a large number of projects around North Cyprus. Kibris Developments is a name that never fails to come in discussions involving real estate development in Northern Cyprus. Having been a part of a number of major developments around the island over the past 35 years, Kibris Developments has truly established itself as a leader in the real estate sector in Northern Cyprus.

Kibris Developments is unique due to the fact that the company seeks out professionals in any given field whenever they are needed. If a particular project requires the knowledge, experience or expertise of a particular professional, Kibris Developments outsources the work to said professional in order to ensure that the work meets the very highest standards. Some of Kibris Developments’ more notable projects include Natura Cyprus, Milos Park Homes and Escape Homes.

Northern Land
Northern Land first began its operations in North Cyprus just under 20 years ago and the real estate developer’s innovative, fresh perspective has proven to be a welcome addition to the real estate industry in Northern Cyprus. The company has, since a few years after it first opened its doors, established itself as one of the most successful construction and development companies in the country. Investors trust Northern Land to get any job done and done well and the company has countless high end projects around the island that stand as evidence of Northern Land’s commitment to excellence. A brief visit to the seaside city of Famagusta is enough to show just how much of the real estate industry is supported by Northern Land as almost every new luxury building in the city bears the Northern Land logo. Some of Northern Land’s more notable projects include Northern Park, Northern Land Center and Viapark.

Uzun Group
Uzun is another company that has been operating in Northern Cyprus for decades. First established in 1980, Uzun Group of Companies is family owned and operates in a number of industries including construction and real estate. What sets Uzun apart is the company’s commitment to carrying out business with a level of seriousness and meticulousness rarely seen in real estate developers. Their goal is to create permanent living spaces that offer incredibly high standards of living. The company believes that there is more to providing quality living spaces than just engineering and strives to change how building is viewed in North Cyprus. The company specializes in apartment buildings and there are a number of high end residential buildings across the island that belong to the Uzun Group of Companies. Their most notable projects include Stilos Villas 1, The Gemini Villa in Zodiaz City and Ikon Tuzla.

Carrington Group
Carrington Group is a luxury real estate developer that has been involved in the successful design and construction of over 500 villas and apartments all over North Cyprus. The company is not just limited to real estate development, however. Carrington Group stands out among other real estate companies due to the fact that the company provides a range of other services aimed at meeting every client’s every need. With a team of reliable, trustworthy staff, the company not only produces luxurious living spaces but also ensures that said spaces remain safe and clean long after construction is finished. Some of the company’s most notable projects include Elite Residence, Sea Magic Royal and the famous Carrington Gold Tower. Using the finest materials, the knowledge and expertise of professionals, Carrington group has managed to become one of the most well-known names real estate and continues to deliver the very best alongside the top names in Northern Cyprus real estate.

Investing In North Cyprus
North Cyprus may seem isolated at first glance but it is one of the best places for anyone looking to invest, especially in real estate. The future looks bright for luxury property investors in Northern Cyprus and there is no better time than now to begin looking at buying up luxury residential and commercial spaces.