Apartment for sale in Agios Tychonas

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Reasons to buy an apartment in Agios Tychonas

Agios Tychonas is an exclusive small town located on the Limassol Coast. The area is known for its close proximity to a large number of historic sites including the Amathus ruins which are located right outside the town. The town is located right beside the sea and offers access to a particularly long coastline. Agios Tychonas is a historic town and remnants of the island’s past can be found almost around the town. This is what draws many apartment buyers to the town. Of its population of over 10000, about half live in Agios Tychonas on a temporary basis. It is primarily a tourist destination making it an excellent place to buy apartment for anyone looking for a quiet, historic seaside town to call home during the sunniest months of the year.

Cheap and luxury flats for sale in Agios Tychonas

Agios Tychonas has a great number of flats for sale including both cheap and multimillion euro luxury real estate. Depending on the apartment buyer’s budget, Agios Tychonas can offer a very high level of luxury made even more exclusive by the town’s excellent location right by the sea. The most luxurious apartments in the town are priced at over 10 million euro. There are also cheap Agios Tychonas apartments for sale, priced at about a hundred thousand. A flat in one of one of the most historic cities in the world can be bought for a fairly affordable price making Agios Tychonas an excellent destination for both buyers on a budget and collectors of luxury apartments looking for a place by the sea to spend their holidays. 

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