Emerald Realty

Emerald Realty

Emerald Realty is a registered and licensed real estate agency in Cyprus. We are specialise in luxury properties in Cyprus.

Mr. Yiannos Ioannides, the founder, promises to make your real estate process enjoyable and successful. Born and raised in Limassol city, Mr. Ioannides studied in the United Kingdom, he is a holder of a Law degree and of a Master of Science in Real Estate Management.

Upon graduation, Mr. Ioannides followed his dream and passion, to involve with Real Estate. With many years of experience in the Real Estate Market he is ready to serve each client with the same energy, he strives to not just meet, but surpass his clients’ expectations.

Our offices are located in Cyprus and more specifically in Limassol which is the commercial center of the island and the home of numerous international companies.

Emerald Realty, manages to control hundreds of clients both locals and foreigners who are interested in selling or buying a property either for their personal interest or for investment purposes.

We offer an extensive network of high net-worth individuals as well as corporations and an unbeatable global network of clients and partners. All properties are exposed within our entire network of local and internationally based potential buyers or renters.

We specialize on every type of residential and commercial property in Limassol including locations on the sea front and in some of the most prestigious areas on the Island.

The company’s experienced sales team is always ready to accomplish any targets and expectations a client may have.

As a multi-capable real estate company, Emerald Realty serves each client with high professionalism and integrity.

If you are looking for an Estate Agency which offers you commitment, passion and energy; that can combine local expertise with a global reach; and a knowledgeable, experienced team that you will enjoy working with, one that you can trust to help you overcome the obstacles then choose Emerald Realty.

Address: 3 Ioanni Polemi Str, Limassol, 3021

Phone: +357 25 107070

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